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Great Ezcape have just dropped another bass laden bomb of a single called If Not Now, alongside a strong and seriously sobering video which reflects the subject matter of social justice for the track, the video being comprised of footage of BLM protests across the world over the past months.

Penned 2 years ago and reaching the light of day now, Profisee notes the irony and sadness that the message is still resonating so strongly today. A crushing observation indeed but Prof backs this up with the hope for real and positive change within this moment and the movement. This is reflected in the lyrics that pose both question and offer response, a call to arms but also a call for growth, analysis and learning. We all have to learn, analyse and grow to combat injustices and the systems that uphold them, whether we are one of the oppressed or an ally. As usual Prof's verses are deep, insightful and clever and delivered with a fire that befits the lyrical content. Underpinned by Vigilante's firing riddim, this one is a a synth lead, sub-heavy roller and is it's sole purpose is bumping the message far, LOUD and wide, test this on your car woofers.. see what I mean! Anyway, you can watch the video below and pick up the release featuring the original and remix from our own house band here at SHSC, Capitol1212 HERE.

"If not now then the question when, Do you strike with a sword or use a pen?" - Profisee

Capitol 1212 remix:


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