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Freshly dropped this week is the massive new LP "Lost Routes" from Edinburgh based Conscious Route and True Note on their indie label True Hold.

Fuck. I cant quite overstate how deep a journey this LP is, the 20 tracks (14 musical and 6 excerpted interview pieces) cover a broad spectrum of sounds, styles, tempo's, ambiance and energies with Conscious route's honest and introspective observations on the modern world we live in articulating what vast swathes of our society feel and experience but have not the words nor dexterity to output. Underpinned by a frankly devastating range of production from True Note (covering hip hop, grime, dnb, electronica... the list goes on) that keep the LP shifting and changing at every turn making this a body of work that will stand the test of time as not just an LP of bangers (and don't get me wrong there are bangers galore in here) but as a deeper journey that you'll come back to re-immerse yourself within over the years.

Trus' me, this is a journey to get lost on. Listen and check out the video for NEEDLES below and go pick up the LP at the True Hold bandcamp HERE.


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