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Fuck... It's hard to put into words the impact Paul Reset has had on the Scottish and International DNB and breaks scenes; from his own production work; his hugely influential label Nerve recordings and Nerve Breaks; to the seminal Glasgow night LiveVevil he co-ran with Morphy (which was coincidentally my own first outing to a DNB night back at the turn of the millennium - changed my life!); and his work as part of the Phuturelabs blog/label it could be fittingly said that hes laid a major stone in the pathway in the history of this music and scene that we love... let's get it right, hes a fucking ICON!

Nerve shutdown in 2010 and things had been relatively quiet on the studio front, to our collective loss, until now. So it is with great pleasure that we get to share with you 3 new tasty Reset Morsels in the form of the Chocky EP! The EP (inspired apparently by this children's show which looks like a creepier and more mentally scarifying version of a David Cronenberg movie aimed directly at kids) is set firmly in the Dark/Rave/Jungle inspired Breakbeat realm, hinting at Reset's past works but giving a direct nod to the sounds that inspired him when he started out.

Title track "Chocky" is an amen roller until about 1:35 when it breaks into a synth line for dark spaces and paranoid minds, the build on this techno inspired haunt is exactly what you need in your ears right now! I wont say anything else just listen here or below:

While you listen to that, "MA1" is a classic jungle inspired plate, so pleasingly reminiscent of my old Strictly Underground Rave Tapes but with the production being pulled lovingly into the modern era. BEAST. The final track "Phuturelabs Jam" is a house//breakbeat number laden with hoovers, squelchy acid lines and pads from the days before rave segmented into the many headed beast it now is. Unified in its pristine state, this is one for deep dancefloor action, the real heads know.

Having waited so long for new material, the good news is Paul assures me there's a remix EP in the works so keep an eye on his socials and jump on over to his bandcamp and show some support.


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