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Have you ever listened to a track alone with headphones on in the dark and felt like your mind was expanding? Like you were learning, listening and operating on a new level before because of the combination of soundwaves and ideas racing down your ear canals? If you have then you'll know its fucking bliss. That's how i feel listening to the new Great Ezcape single Marga. Check it below:

Great Ezcape need no introduction, Profisee and Vigilante's own unique brand of conscious hip hop and electronica has been an integral soundtrack to the underground emanating from Edinburgh to the Beyond since their debut EP "Escapades" in 06. (And if you missed any of that era check out one of my favourite GE plates here). Profisee is a lyrical sage in pretty much all of the work he's done over the years from the Yard Emcees to his work with Hexstatic and even our own outfit Capitol 1212, but he's especially focused on Marga, taking this Sanscrit word for path to salvation and cracking open minds with his lyrical journey of growth, self knowledge and finding a sense of balance in our modern society. Vigi's cinematically minimal and focused riddim rides on a haunting female vocal and when the bassline drops during the chorus the track reaches a state of nirvana-like bliss. One for dark nights and contemplative minds.

The remix by Sound Signals is of the rare breed of remixes that makes it sound like not only was this a completely new take on the original but that it sounds like this could have been written this way in the first place. Skills. A total new take with an afrohouse bounce to it, definitely one for a rewind and a dark and sweaty club. *airhorn*

Prof assures us the rest of the new EP is in it's final stages and so... we await!

Marga can be found on all of the usual digital outlets but pick it up from here to support the artists involved direct!


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