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Paul Reset and Pyro ran the show with their infamous Nerve Recordings label in the early 2000s and although they both had releases on the label, they also joined their formidable DNB forces on a number of collaborations for other imprints. As these were only ever pressed on vinyl if you wanted to play them out it would mean pricey digging on discogs, and maybe finding the odd dusty footprint on the grooves or a skip in the intro just before the first break... But, fret not, as the dons have cleaned these up and made them available digitally for the first time over at Paul Reset's Bandcamp, combining 3 releases from 2001-03 into The Reflexions EP.

A total of 5 tracks here show that 20 years cant take the shine off quality music.. Opener Reflexions is a rave and techno influenced number with DNB swag, stab central, I can already feel the rush coming on! Headcheck and Attack were originally released in 2001 and have all the best characteristics of the sound design and style of the era. Notably a big phat 2 step kick and snare and guttural paranoid basslines to give BCUK and Ed Rush and Optical a run for their money, these have stood the test of time so well and will be easy floor filler fodder when clubs open their doors once again. Calm Before The Storm and Switch are from the same era and take a similar approach but the unbelievable tightness in production on switch gives it such an air of funk, the kick and bassline are so well interlaced this one demands body movement , voluntary or not... Dont believe me have a listen below...

Retrospectively, 2001-2003 sounds fucking amazing, can we go back please? The EP drops on Spotify and Beatport at the end of the month but for now, go pick it up HERE


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