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Knowing that Hex's latest offering was written in the heady days of summer lockdowns last year, I'm wondering if he found the heatwave over in Glasgow too hot for DNB tempo as he drops 6 halftime slices on the aptly titled "Half Cut EP" on the FreeLoveDigi Label...

Following on from his absolutely stellar halftime slice Phosphorus last year, Hex has a proper swagger and his own particular groove at this tempo and pulls in many influences across the EP. Opener Wind Ya Neck In is a trap influenced halftime slice with an 808 in there that sounds like somebody really pissed in his chips and a switch up second drop. Rave Ghosts and Vats Of Acid both give a knowing nod back to the early days of Rave with Phantasms and acid lines galore but moonstomping down the street towards you at a menacing halftime pace, both will be deadly in the club. Foghorn baiting track Leghorn, is the darkest slice on offer and tongue in cheek aside, contains some very tasty Foghorn sound design and at this pace offer a proper refreshing look at the signature sound of 2020. Closer Lean And Perrins is a proper dubby half time slice with space echos a plenty and sending a high five to mid 2000's dubstep, fucking tasty mate!!!

Finally, my personal favourite, Caffeine Shuffle, takes the half time step for the kick and snare but with breaks, shakers and XL era breakbeat hardcore edits giving this one a faster and jittery feel befitting of the track title. Like 9 coffees before breakfast this one got me paranoid and also on the top of my game all at once, CHECK IT OUT BELOW...

Proper coffee madness, grab a coffee now go check out the rest of the EP and purchase it direct from HERE!


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