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Samhain is a favourite celebration around Svb Hvman HQ, were all huge Horror movie nerds and theres no better time to play a DJ set than to a room full of ghouls, witches, drunk ghosts and mashed up goblins. We have as a nation staked a claim on the celebration with the most common word Halloween coming from the ol' scottish term for the night of the 31st - All Hallow's Eve.

Our climate and dreech misty Oktober nights lend themselves to creepy shit lurking round the corner and carved pumpkins, you wouldn't think the same of the sun-baked shores of the caribbean and the life affirming sounds of Reggae and Ska, but you'd be wrong... there's many a song and tale about "Lucifer" and "Duppies" galore (a Duppy being a west indian evil spirit). So If you fancy a little bass heavy sounds to warm yer cold souls tonight, grab a tasty glass of "Kill Devil" (ol' Jamaican shorthand for Rum) and load up our playlist of our favourite top 20 and dance for the de'il.

Lucifer Son Of The Morning - Im Gonna Chase You Out Of Earth!


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