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Multi-Talented Edinburgh based DJ/Producer/Promoter Anikonik needs no introduction, a longstanding resident of Junglism Scotland and the mighty Electrikal Soundsystem specialising in the finest of DNB, Jungle, Neuro, Footwork... you name it, her eclectic and impeccable DJ sets and mixes have laid soundtrack to the length and breadth of the nation for the best part of the 2010s.

While Covid-19 has laid waste to our nightlife and the events industry this year, Anikonik has used the downtime teaching the live stream game a thing or two with Junglism (big djs, big sets, and the visuals were ON POINT!), and grafting hard in the studio perfecting her production skills. Now I can say, that although she hasn't released any of these yet I have been lucky enough to hear a few dubs myself and there are some SERIOUS RINSE AGENTS about to drop from Anikonik, take heed... you have been warned...! The latest news that she has been hand selected by RAM records as part of the crucial EQ50 mentorship program pushing forward the representation of womxn within the DNB scene and industry, just highlights the calibre of talent were talking about and goes to show shes not slowing down any, pandemic or not. We're going to be seeing and hearing a lot more of Anikonik in the 2020s!!

We took a minute to catch up and have her share some of her deeper selections,

asking the questions that reach every corner of a DJ's rekordbox;

SVB: What's your ultimate Peak time banger, Late night roller, After party rinser and Quintessential Sunday morning track?

ANIKONIK: I have so many ultimate peak time bangers I'm not sure what one to chose! One i'm always caught playing at peak time of recent (Pre-Corona) has got to be IHR & Merikan - Giant Growth on Let it roll recordings, it hits the spot for high energy and nails a hard combination of jump up and neurofunk, whats not to love, proper screw face dancefloor stomper.

ANIKONIK: My ultimate late night roller is an easier one, has to be Scar - Caged on Metalheadz, so simple, raw and effective, the bassline is huge and shakes any place down, I could never grow tired of that track its a classic.

ANIKONIK: After party rinser is a tricky one as it really depends on the party, I think it would have to be Chase and Status - Take Me Away on Ram Records. Such a beauty of a track and always puts a smile on peoples faces, great for that nostalgia hit! Lots of good after party memories with this one.

ANIKONIK: My Sunday morning track is also a classic, has to be Aquasky - In The Zone on Good Looking Records, Sunday mornings usually (well used to) mean driving home from a gig and I would have LTJ Bukem Progression Sessions 8: UK Live 2003 in the car and this track was on it. I always hit repeat when it comes on its just such a beauty and so good for concentrating/driving too, keeps the positive energy going for the drive, its one of my of my top 10 for sure!

SVB: As can be expected, nothing but gold in this selection, and you're so right that Chase And Status brings guaranteed smiles and hands in the air whenever you hear it... SELECTOR!!! Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us!

Before ya leave be sure to check out Anikonik's latest Guest mix for Capital Dons, Midnight Bass, representing the club residency over at The Bongo Club. This is a classic mix already showcasing a scope of sounds and tastes and containing some unreleased Anikonik material! GET ON IT!


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