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Fvck me, Edinburgh DNB producer Keith Patience's new drop on Heavy Hitters Vol 2 from 24Karat Recordings is an absolute scoop destroyer! With face melting Amens, much break choppery, fast switches and Jungle Sub and Reese audio science dropped at every turn you wont be disappointed if you like fresh off the press modern tear out Jungle. Sitting alongside heavy hitters from Dugbass, Danny Styles, Dj Direkt etc, it's no wonder the VA is Juno's Album Of The Week. Get In and listen below:

If you're liking this, you cop It at Juno Here. Keith assures me there's more music coming soon with a new Liquid EP in the pipeline on Liquid Tribe and some new bits coming through on new label, Audio Entropy.. and so we wait impatiently!


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