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After the dust settled on Midnight Bass'es heavyweight Scotland VA in December last year, we've all had our ears pinned back (sore as fuck but its got to be done), patiently waiting for the next releases from all involved... We didn't have to wait long, and we didn't have to go hunting as multi-genre-uber-skilled producer Mastaki has followed up the speaker bothering Fatboi collaboration with Idylist, with a solo effort that's aggro and innovative in all the right places, earning it and Mastaki another BBC introducing track of the week at the start of the month!

System is a trap footwork lovechild and that little bastard is 8 foot tall and BANGS hard! Listen below and tell me you wont feel this rattle every bone in your body when played on Electrikal this summer (we live in hope!)

Swagger marks 11 out of 10!! To top it all off Mastaki has just dropped another new slice of 140 in the form of "OOO". With a constantly moving and intelligent approach to song structure, composition and edits while maintaining a super clean and LARGE mixdown , this is cementing Mastaki as one of the exciting new breed of producers pushing the envelope. Have a listen below and see what I mean:

OFft, fucking bliss, you can buy OOO direct from Mastaki HERE.

Lucky for you bassheads out there there's plenty more bass weaponry to come as James promises there are more works just waiting to drop so click HERE to follow Mastaki on yer socials rest assured this wont be the last you're hearing from him... The new school is here!


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